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Zee TV Africa's New Show - Amma

03 Aug, 2016
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On Saturday the 2nd of July 2016 at 3pm, get out your popcorn and make a date with your couch as Zee TV Africa will be premiering a new show called 'Amma'.

Amma, is the story of a woman who, together with her 2 year old daughter, was abandoned by her husband on the streets of Bombay in 1947. Amma decides to pick herself up and move forward. She becomes a self-made woman despite her circumstances. She takes a stand and begins to work in a man's world, where she meets influential people who are already 'big boys' in the illegal businesses of the city. Amma uses this to her advantage and comes forward to help maintain peace in the city, with some basic education she manages to become quite successful.

However, her life changes when she is forced to take power and become first lady of the streets of Bombay. On her journey she takes steps which are not acceptable by law but in turn acceptable by humanity which causes conflict, nevertheless, Amma becomes the messiah for the less fortunate. In a heart breaking twist her life comes to a standstill when she learns that her son, who was taken to Pakistan by her husband, has passed away. She decides to adopt a child who she named after her son, Danial.

Amma is a drama that gives us a firsthand look into the power struggles in big city social hierarchy's as well as the struggles of women and single mothers.

Follow the journey of a Mother to a Godmother in this new and exciting show which will definitely leave you at the edge of your seat, wanting more…